Effective, Industry-Specific, Proven Training & Consulting Services

Ensure your staff has the best training possible by experiencing the "Training & Education Journey" from James Graening, B2B Sales Excellence. Whether you require sending multiple people to a regional sales class or would like on-site training and coaching, or request mentoring and remote coaching, we want to help you grow and improve your commercial service business.  From Commercial Service Agreement Sales to Negotiating Projects to Selling Energy Services to Sales & Activity Management, James is prepared and ready to help!


On-Site Training 

Work with one of the strongest sales trainers in the industry. People seek us out as trainers because when we educate our clients, we facilitate training for an aggressive marketing approach, comprehensive sales process, effective activity management and introduce a wide range of support tools. As experts in commercial contracting business-to-business transactions, we know how to maximize your sales efforts for more success at higher margins.  We will bring our sales,

management and leadership training class to your place of business.  The interactive, discussion-based classes with intense role-play situations help you sell more service, manage sales people effectively and lead your teams.

Grow your HVAC commercial service and close more sales. When we work with you, we increase your margins because we have one of the most sought-after commercial maintenance agreement programs in the industry using a proven sales process. Contact us to put your commercial service business on the right path for success.  The training options for on-site classes include; service agreement sales, energy services negotiating, project sales, dispatch-coordination for service and sales management and service leadership.                                                                                                                                      


On-Site Coaching

We offer complete coaching with your sales people that includes evaluations, discussions, use of tools and even ride-alongs.  A perfect compliment to one of our training classes is the integration of skills and behaviors with on-site coaching.  Since commercial service is the most profitable area of your business, it is important to understand and integrate a true organizational structure, effective and efficient operational model, as well as, a marketing and sales culture with strategic business planning. Fortunately, that is our area of expertise. HVAC commercial service is extremely profitable, so we concentrate helping you with predictable, manageable growth and profitability.  On-site coaching can also include sales mentoring, riding with sales people in the field to help close work!


Regional Classes

Sign up now for a Regional Class near you or travel to one of our beautiful locations hosting classes!  Classes include Commercial Service Agreement Sales, Commercial Project Negotiating, Selling Energy Services, Sales & Activity Management and special training classes throughout the year that help with improving commercial service.  Watch your business flourish with our help. Our regional classes are comprised of intense role playing situations, discussions and comprehensive support tools in order to promote behavioral changes. These changes make your sales team better negotiators, consultative advisors and industry professionals. We facilitate a number of these training events every year and concentrate the training on a very thorough sales process, target direct marketing approach, support tools and activity management while encouraging the use of the correct vernacular to gain agreement and close sales.


Remote Coaching and Virtual Sales Manager (VSM)

We use webinars by GoToMeeting™ and conference calls for remote coaching and sales mentoring to assist with the integration of skills and behaviors for success.  Each class has an introductory webinar for pre-class education to help deliver the sales process, marketing approach and specific tools before the training dates.  We also have post-class webinars to ensure the implementation of all the materials presented in the classes.

B2B Sales Excellence offers webinars and conference calls as a part of coaching and mentoring sales people and sales managers, our VSM Program, Virtual Sales Manager, helps recruit, interview, hire and train new sales professionals or mentor sales managers on managing activity of the sales team. 

Together, we will work with you for time and activity management, as well as, financial metrics or "playing the numbers game" to ensure sales activity leading to success.  Follow-up calls may be necessary depending on the specific needs, issues and goals of the contracting business.   Let's grow service!

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